A laboratory that respects the environment

How was the
project born?

The project was born thanks to Mrs. Michela Bertaia and Mr. Mauro Vecco that, together in life and work, share a dream.

Originally from Turin, entrepreneurs for many years in the medical field, with great passion and perseverance, they gave birth to a unique and innovative project with the specific purpose of improving people’s health and wellness.

One day, during a trip to Tuscany, they met a person dedicated to the study of one of the most important living beings for our health and our ecosystem: the snail.

Mauro and Michela thus decide to investigate the benefits of this noble creature, discovering that already in ancient Greece (400 BC) the father of medicine Hippocrates mentioned the innumerable properties of its slime, both in the field of beauty and nutrition.

Innovation at service of your wellness

So they decided to give life to the K project, collaborating on the creation of a unique snail slime, combining naturalness with high efficacy, to be then introduced to every person and family, through a direct and transparent distribution method, from producer to consumer.

An innovative and certified artisan technique of Italian heliciculture, which carefully selects only the best specimens from the Helix Aspersa species, carried out entirely outdoors and in a complete natural cycle, without the use of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, with the primary goal of respecting the environment and guarantee the total wellness of the precious creatures.

Fed only with high quality fresh vegetables (rapeseed, fennel, carrots), the snails are farmed in an enchanting place immersed in hectares of fertile Tuscan countryside, which due to its geographical position and mild climate, is considered a jewel in the international field.

Our vision

The goal is to make people aware of the existence of the K Wellness Helixir designed to offer them a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.

All this is done with the utmost respect for the environment: our cosmeceutical and nutraceutical formulas are all of natural origin and obtained while respecting our planet.

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